InRail started its activity in 2009 and up-today ranks among the most important railway companies in Italy, being mainly specialized in transport of iron-worked products, scrap-iron, steel, timber, and coal. From 2009 to this day, InRail has progressively established itself and its reputation on national and foreign markets. The turnover has reached 18 million Euro in 2014, compared to 3,7 million Euro in 2009, against important investments for the purchase of locomotives (InRail’s rolling stock is now composed of 4 electric interoperable Siemens E190 locomotives, 3 diesel G1000 locomotives and 2 E189 locomotives), for the employment of new Personnel and the opening of Nova Gorica operational office. InRail’s shareholders are Tenor S.r.l. – Investment Company with interests in different companies of the logistics and rail sector (63%) and Inter-Rail S.p.A. – Logistics operator active in rail import-export shipments (37%).






Via Operai 20
I-16149 Genova
Phone : +39 010 0983870
Fax : +39 02 42108502

Operational Office



Via della Rosta 8
I-33100 Udine
Phone : +39 0432 511476
Fax :  +39 0432 203149

Operational Office



Kolodvorska pot 8
5000 Nova Gorica
Phone :  +386 (0) 820 59380
Fax : +386 (0) 530 21090

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